Lo que vales

26 noviembre, 2009 / 0 comentarios

«Soy consciente de que cada día vales lo que vale tu último programa.»

Ana Rosa Quintana en una entrevista concedida a la revista Vanity Fair

This isn’t gonna hurt so much

18 noviembre, 2009 / 0 comentarios

«You need to know that eventually, this isn’t gonna hurt so much. And the good times are just gonna get easier to remember, and you’re gonna end up being a stronger person because of all of the stuff that you’ve been through. I promise, really. Oh, by the way, I hated your wife, she was a total bitch. Needed to be said.»

Courteney Cox como Jules Cobb en Cougar Town (1×04)

Volver a las mil

17 noviembre, 2009 / 0 comentarios

«…Al fin decidiste quedar y salir,
bailar como una loca,
volver a las mil…»

Sidonie en Sin querer (Canción 9 del disco El incendio)

Demons from your past

10 noviembre, 2009 / 0 comentarios

«…I want to reconcile the violence in your heart,
I want to recognise your beauty’s not just a mask.
I want to exorcise the demons from your past,
I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart…»

Muse en Undisclosed desires (Canción 3 del disco The Resistance)