16 junio, 2016 / 0 comentarios

“It’s been said that nothing gives the fearful more courage than another’s fear.”

Boyd Holbrook como Steve Murphy en Narcos (1×05)

Changes and hurt to grow

14 enero, 2010 / 0 comentarios

“Change: We don’t like it, we fear it, but we can’t stop it from coming. We either adapt to change or we get left behind. And it hurts to grow, anybody who tells you it doesn’t is lying. But here’s the truth: The more things change, the more they stay the same. And sometimes… Oh, sometimes change is good. Sometimes change… is everything.”

Ellen Pompeo como Meredith Grey en Grey’s Anatomy (4×01)

Fear of making a decision

31 octubre, 2008 / 2 comentarios

“Sometimes the fear is just of making a decision, because what if you’re wrong? What if you make a mistake you can’t undo? Whatever it is we’re afraid of, one thing holds true: that by the time the pain of not doing the thing gets worse than the fear of doing it, it can feel like we’re carrying around a giant tumor.”

Ellen Pompeo como Meredith Grey en Grey’s Anatomy (1×06)

Fear and life

30 abril, 2008 / 0 comentarios

“You control your fear, you control your life.”

Blair Underwood como Alex en In Treatment (1×27)