Like you’ve been thinking all night

27 mayo, 2009 / 0 comentarios

“Some days you wake up and your head is empty. And it’s the most perfect feeling in the world. Then other days it’s like you’ve been thinking all night.”

Billie Piper como Hannah/Belle en Secret diary of a call girl (2×05)

New day and age

27 diciembre, 2008 / 0 comentarios

“…I don’t wanna be kept, I don’t wanna be caged, I don’t wanna be damned, oh hell!
I don’t wanna be broke, I don’t wanna be saved, I don’t wanna be S.O.L.
Give me rolling hills so tonight can be the night that I send them up a thousand thrills.
Mister, can you cut me some slack, cause I don’t wanna go back, I want the new day and age…”

The Killers en Neon Tiger (Canción 8 del disco Day & Age)